I am often asked “so, are you Dorrie or Flo?”

I was even asked this week “where did the Dorrie & Flo come from, or is it a well-guarded secret?  Hehe!  No not at all!

So am I Dorrie or Flo?

Well actually I’m neither..I’m Tracy!

Dorrie and Flo were my Grandmothers’ names.  Well strictly speaking their names were Winifred Doreen, known as Dorrie, and Daisy Florence.   When I was playing around with their names when I was looking for my brand identity, I found Winifred quite tricky to incorporate…no matter how hard I tried!  But Dorrie worked well.   Daisy is used by quite a number of different brands and I didn’t want people to get me mixed up with something completely different.   So I decided that Flo was a much better option.

So Dorrie and Flo was born, and I love it!

What do you associate with Grandmothers?  I hope the word brings back good memories?

For me, Grandmothers are very caring and nurturing.   They take the time to listen and care about you in a different way than anybody else in your life.  Now I’m a Nanna myself I know how true this is.

This is what I want people to feel when they have any interactions with me…that I care and want to nurture them until they’re ready to fly by themselves.

So I had a name and some brand values.

What I needed next were some colours to represent my new brand.

One of my Grandmothers lived by the seaside and I have wonderful memories of visiting her and my Grandfather, winter and summer.   Summers on the beach are obviously every childs’ dream, but I loved winter by the sea as well.   Walking along the seafront with the wind blowing the cobwebs away and the waves crashing over the sea wall were just so exhilieratiing.

I still love the sea and will go to see it…haha, pun totally intended!…whenever I get the chance.

So sea colours were an obvious choice.   I now have a brand I love and that has a lot of meaning for me personally.

So all of this was to set up a business that delivers a service helping people feel more confident in their appearance, so this was the perfect name.   I love to see women fly when they gain the confidence they need to get out in the world and be the person they were always meant to be.

If you want to lean a little more about me and my story, click here to go to my About page, where I go into more detail.

Until next time…keep shining!

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